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by Grand March

On my way down (free) 03:42
On my way (down) On my way down, Sometimes I hold the tears. All the way down, Somehow I disappear. On my way down, Maybe I’ll here, I’m on my own… All the way down. --- Would you let me know? What I can’t tell? Where the hell I’m diving into? On my way down… --- On my way down, In a day or so, I shall overcome… All the way down. A race for my own, In which I would… Better leave the crown… All I have known.
Hold your horses (free) 03:46
Hold your horses Please hold your horses, And walk out of here. Don’t want to hear, What led you down this way. Pull your hat down, Get on your knees. Oh! Please! And back away! --- If you came to wake some snakes, They could bite you as well. Don’t start it up again , And let us come through. Oh for God’s sake, Just ask yourself why, After things had been so well, You just had to blow it all over again? --- The value of love, To be trusted and to trust. To make a promise and keep it. You made your choices, Would you keep your promises? And after all of this, would they be different? Despite your word, you failed, And this is the price you have to pay! --- Do you believe this is a second chance? If we come out alive, If we just keep breathing, Then there might be a chance , We could rescue this life, From the depths to which it had fallen! And I hope so! Oh Lord! I hope so!
Daylight (free) 03:55
Daylight We all take the long route, Perhaps for no other reason, Than to kill a little time? Before we have to face the endless road. The streets down here are busy. People standing aimlessly. Drinking, laughing, talking big! Oh! so very big! In this smallness of life… --- We all wind up here, Every sad and sorry one of us. Death holds no prejudice, it seems. A grave do not reveal hopes. It merely gives names, When you arrived, And when you departed. Nothing more than an everlasting return. (This is nothing more than a quiet vendetta) --- Life rolls out endlessly, From one dark dream to the next. With no change but daylight inbetween, Nothing better to do. Persuading yourself it’s the good life. The life to live… easy come, easy go! Daylight as an endless party, Waiting for the better part of the night.
Mess around (free) 02:48
Mess around Oh, what a mess around! How come here you sit? Can you hear a sound, Or remember what you hit, Before you smashed the ground? Did you deserve it? Did you cross the bounds? --- Have you ever been beaten? Are you dead? So including last night, That’s three fucking incidents, That didn’t kill you! Pain or damage or despair or beatings, Don’t end the world! --- Don’t you see the mess around? Are you kidding? The world ends when you’re dead, Stand it like a man! Keep moving on, don’t fuck around, And give some back! To happen this is bound, Don’t waste your time, just take some more…



released September 27, 2010

///Grand March///
Hélène Braeuner / vocals
Fred Lichtenberger / guitars, bass, drums and vocals

Additional instruments / guitars, bass and keyboards by Aalik (aka Emmanuel Ledrich)

Words and music by Grand March
Arranged and produced by Grand March and Aalik
Recorded and mixed by Aalik, Strasbourg, France
Mastered by Colorsound, Paris, France

Photographs by Benoît Linder
Artwork and design by Nathyi


all rights reserved



Grand March Strasbourg, France

After 10 years of a galvanizing folk-rock, Grand March takes a new direction of a more raw rock, still distinguished, elegant and melodic.

In its new compositions, Grand March digs its rock instinct and throws out polished riffs around the deeper voice of the singer, who continues and goes deeper in her harmonic experimentations.
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